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“​Thinking differently will yield innovative solutions.”

Welcome to BliTec

My name is Roland de Blieck.

In 1989, I completed my mechanical engineering studies at the HTS Hertogenbosch. For over 30 years, I have been involved in product development, holding various positions in both local and global projects in various markets, including telecom, consumer, health care, automotive, and aviation. 

I started BliTec in 2006 and have been working as an independent contractor ever since. This gives me a lot of knowledge and experience that I can use to help my customers. 

I have been able to help many customers achieve innovative solutions, with the result that my customers were able to get them patented.

My strength is the way I approach problems and come up with innovative solutions.       

How can I serve you?


BliTec wants to be a leader in the realization of innovative solutions. This enables companies to develop, produce and supply their products cheaper and faster with improved quality using the latest techniques without having to invest themselves.

Leading by Innovation


Being successful now and in the future requires distinctiveness
Being more innovative, faster, and flexible is one way to accomplish this.
It is possible to achieve this by working strongly together as a team consisting of specialists in different disciplines.
This applies not only to the products but certainly also to the way of developing, producing, and organizing them.
The products of tomorrow, developed and produced according to new methods.. 







BliTec as network partner.

RTL-Z​ interviewed BliTec in 2019 about the benefits of working with network partners like BliTec. It was broadcasted at the RTL business channel RTL-Z. It's in Dutch. 

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  • Consumer
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